Scot Filer

Scot Filer is the CEO of Lions Gate Risk Management Group. After completing Law & Security Administration at Niagara College (1976 – 1978), he joined the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and he was the Staff Sergeant – Operations NCO. He has successfully completed 30 productive years as a major crime investigator, analyst, and manager of the Behavioural Sciences Group while working for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police from August 1978 to October 2008.

Out of the 30 years that Scot spent in Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), 26 years were associated with major crime investigations. The remaining 12 years were spent in managing the Behaviour Sciences Group in British Columbia. Scot has certifications in executive protection, geographic profiling, major case investigation, surveillance, tactical human tracking, threat evaluation, and management.

Formation of Lions Gate Risk Management Group

After completing his tenure in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Scot Filer formed Lions Gate Risk Management Group in 2008. Lions Gate is an intelligence-led security company which offers a plethora of intelligence, investigation, security and protection services.  Their head office is located in Vancouver, British Columbia; and their branch office is located in Calgary, Alberta.

The firm offers a range of specialized services to various corporations, law firms, government agencies, and the private sector. Lions Gate was formed with the help of a team of licensed specialists that hold expertise related to the delivery of risk management, consulting and investigation services.

Services offered by Lions Gate Risk Management Group

At Lions Gate, their main objective is to identify, assess and prioritize their risks and vulnerabilities. The Group responds with a coordinated and economical application of resources. The team of licensed specialists works by implementing mitigation strategies in order to prevent a negative occurrence or manage the impact that it might possibility have on business.

Apart from the traditional services like surveillance and investigations, the Lions Gate Risk Management Group also offers the following services:

  • Behavioral analysis
  • Geographic analysis
  • Linguistics
  • Polygraph
  • Threat risk assessments
  • Intelligence analysis
  • Behavioral threat assessment
  • CPTED assessments
  • Workplace violence
  • Covert (undercover) operations
  • Electronic counter measures
  • Computer and cell phone forensics
  • Security consulting and executive protection

Scot’s team at Lions Gate comprises of specialists from fields of law enforcement, military, and security. These licensed professionals have the knowledge, skills, and experience to provide clients with the higher level of service and expertise.