5 Service Pillars at Lions Gate Risk Management Group

Lions Gate Risk Management Group is an intelligence led security company that was formed by Scot Filer in 2008. The firm offers a wide range of services that include intelligence, investigation, protection, and security services. The head quarter of the company is in Vancouver, British Columbia and the branch office is located in Calgary, Alberta. Lions Gate is run by an excellent team of licensed and experienced individuals from different fields such law enforcement, security, and military. These professionals bring high-grade services, knowledge, and skills to offer clients a high level of services.

Objective of Lions Gate Risk Management Group

The main objective of Lions Gate team is to identify, assess and prioritize the risks and vulnerabilities associated with businesses. They respond to the problems with a well-coordinated and cost-effective application of resources. Their team works hard at creating and implementing the mitigation strategies to avoid the occurrence of any negative event and control its possible impact on your business.

Five services offered at Lions Gate Risk Management Group:

Intelligence Services:

Security intelligence service is the process that involves collecting and analyzing information that can possibly help protect clients from external and internal threats. These services may also be used for developing a strategic advantage to safeguard a company’s assets, personnel, and reputation. Their security intelligence analysts make the best use of their professional, academic and law enforcement experience to provide analytical insight.  The team at Lions Gate believes that security intelligence is crucial to managing business risks successfully.

Threat Risk Vulnerability

Threat Risk Vulnerability Assessment offers a complete analysis and audit of the safety and security posture of your premise. The services include a complete review of security and safety policies and procedures. The team works at identifying the risks and vulnerabilities in their operation and infrastructure. They also consider the influence of the surrounding area on the facility and then draw out a reasonable and cost-effective analysis with suggestions, upgrades, and counter-measures to reduce the impact of negative events.

Security Services

The security services at Lions Gate offers leading edge investigation services which are custom made to suit the requirements of clients and the specific assignment. Their investigators utilize the various investigative techniques as well as the best practices in military, law enforcement, and private sector organizations.

Community Safety and Security

The Community Safety and Security program is designed to help the communities that are subject to high levels of crime and other negative activities. These communities usually experience a breakdown as necessary components of a community are missing. Their team will create an in-depth analysis of entire community to identify the symptoms causing crime and nuisance problems. They also provide necessary suggestions to address the issues to create an action plan and implementation any changes.

Workplace Health and Safety

Mental health of the employees can greatly impact the success of a business and the revenue it earns in several ways. The team at Lions Gate Risk Management Group offers a 12-hour course conducted by a certified Mental Health First Aid Canada trainer. The supervisors, managers, and human resource personnel that participate in the program are trained in skills and knowledge needed to recognize, support, and manage individuals working in various organizations.

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