Personal Feature – Scot Filer

1. Why did you start Lions Gate Risk Management Group (LGRMG) ? Can you talk about making the transition from working for the government to working for private citizens and companies?

Scot Filer: I had a very productive and satisfying 30 year career in the RCMP. When I decided to retire, I was motivated to do something else. I thought that starting a private investigation company would be a safe transition for me. The private sector security industry allows me to draw on the knowledge, skills and experience that I had acquired through law enforcement, and apply my experience towards something new and build new relationships. Over the years, my original vision has morphed into a much larger scale and diverse operation. I didn’t anticipate that when I started.

In terms of making the switch from a government job to running a private sector company, there are definitely differences. I felt the territory was familiar enough for me to learn and excel. Despite my previous experience I am constantly learning and being exposed to new challenges. There has been a definite mental shift. I  enjoy the challenges of managing LGRMG as  a business owner and all that this comes with, as opposed to simply being employed in the private sector.

I am in a role where I am responsible for profits and losses, customer service, technology with key emphasis on best practices and protecting the staff and our clients’ assets. In my previous life, I was serving an entire community, investigating crimes and at the end of my shift I would go home. I could think about myself and my own performance in most of my day to day work. Now, I must worry about what everyone who works for me is doing and about my clients. I have to ensure that we give our client more than what they are asking for and I do that through the team that I have built around me.

2. In what ways is LGRMG a second career, and in what ways is it an extension?

Scot Filer: Lions Gate Risk Management Group has become a second career for me. It started out as a tool to re-direct myself and continue giving value. I had no concept of where it would go. I was at a stage in  my life where I was looking for a new opportunity outside my comfort zone, but at the same time, applying the things that made me successful in my law enforcement career. It has become something that I am very passionate about.

I think you could examine what I do and how I do it and you can see the affiliation with my law enforcement career. I brought skills and experience such as leadership, communication, strategic thinking, dedication to duty and professionalism across into my new environment.

My motivation is not about financial compensation or  trying to get promoted. It’s about, innovation, enjoying the adventure, providing elite services to our clients, creating something special with my colleagues and the personal fulfillment that I get from seeing our  business and those who work in it succeed.

3. Your passion for justice and serving people is, expectedly, consistent. LGRMG is your current avenue to practice your beliefs and skill set. Is there anything about your role in LGRMG that allows you to do more than you were able to previously in the RCMP?

Scot Filer: That’s a tough question and there are a couple different sides to this. In law enforcement, you were assigned a file or an investigation and you followed the path of evidence towards a conclusion. Depending on your role, you responded to an incident as oppose to being proactive and getting in front of things. .

At Lions Gate we benefit from engaging with our clients to understand what the problem is, what they are worried about and what the potential outcomes of an event or incident could be for them. This collaboration affords us the time, the information and the latitude to work with them proactively to prevent incidents or reduce the consequences before they occur. We prefer to take a preventative, proactive  approach. Our responses must consider the safety and security of  our clients’ employees, their assets, their business operation and their corporate reputation (as well as our own). The decisions and recommendations we make must consider all the elements that present risk to our clients.

I think an important  difference in our business is that we are expected to protect the best interests of our clients and we have opportunities to do this proactively, using creativity, flexibility and advanced expertise. Our security envelope can be scalable, very efficient and adjusted to suit the circumstances of the situation.

4. With such an extensive career in national law enforcement, what do you – both personally and professionally – bring to LGRMG?

Scot Filer: This questions requires a little self-analysis. I think most police officers undervalue their skills and experience. I had to move past that way of thinking and really examine my law enforcement career in terms of my personal, professional development, formal training and experiences that I have acquired. Like most police officers, I learned and developed very strong leadership, communication and problem solving skills in order to properly serve the community I was assigned to. I practised those things every day for 30 years, they became part of who I am.

Law enforcement operational procedures are not consistent with the private sector in terms of how you would present yourself or act. Most police officers acquire a very strong foundation constructed through years of diverse experience and working with people. I had to adjust my style from policing to  a style that was more appropriate for  a business environment. I rarely need to take a ‘command and control’ approach in my business. Instead, I need to be conciliatory, consultative and creative to meet the needs of my clients and the situations we are presented with. I’m a naturally motivated person and I am driven by a deep belief in what I do. Other than learning how to become a business person, the knowledge skills and abilities (KSA) that I brought with me have made my transition into my current role significantly more seamless.


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