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Keeping safe and secure is becoming a priority for individuals, businesses and communities as threats and risks are becoming more prevalent and sophisticated.  Instances of crime, theft, robbery and terrorist attacks have increased by leaps and bounds.

Government and public service firms are constantly operating at optimal level to minimize security threats but it is also important that people take certain measures to minimize harm to themselves. One step that is recommended for all citizens is to be informed and stay abreast of current criminal trends and the security threats being posed locally and nationally.

Of course we know that it is not possible to follow the news every day, so we encourage you to look through the informative articles on our company blog – that we have condensed for you.

Lions Gate Articles

The articles published by our company not only highlight latest security issues faced by the communities and nation at large, but they also provide useful tips.

We provide you with a summary of 3 interesting articles featured on our company blog:

Article 1 – The Biggest Asset to Counter Terrorism in Canada is an Informed Public

People living in Canada, especially those residing on the West Coast believe that the country is not vulnerable to terrorist attacks. This might not be an accurate assumption to make. The public has very little knowledge behind the scenes, especially since the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) gives out very little information as they will be protecting national interest.

The security agencies in Canada do not believe in sharing information with the public as they believe it might impact their day to day lives. Although the stance taken by CSIS is absolutely understandable, the biggest asset to counter terrorism for any country is, of course, an informed public. As a citizen, you need to be informed and vigilant. Remember that terrorist attacks usually take in the most crowded places so always be extra careful and trust your instincts. Raise your level of awareness because this will not only help you but also help you save other lives in times of crisis.

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Article 2 – Business Continuity: Lessons from the Burns Bog Fire

Unfortunate incidents like the Burns Bog Fire breakout makes people realize how inadequately prepared their community may be, to deal with such situations. The speed and efficiency with the way Delta Corporation dealt with the issue to immediately open to Emergency Operations Centre was absolutely commendable. Through their outstanding efforts the Mayor, Police, and Fire Chief were able to contain the situation and thus significantly reduce the negative impact. Businesses are vulnerable to various unseen threats so hiring a security risk management company can help you assess the vulnerabilities and allow you take early precautions.

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Article 3 – Designing out Crime is far more than ‘CPTED’

Crime Prevention through Environmental Design or CPTED is a frequently coined term in Canada. However, the approach is quite narrow. Every community has certain hot locations where you would exhibit a defensive behavior. To foster a safe and secure community environment, it is important to pay attention at the planning stage to remove any crime-inspiring features from building projects, and promote safety enhancements before the project moves to the best stage.

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